We, the Aware Youth

Aware Youth discovers new opportunities, posts youth blogs and brings youth centric news updates and educational contents for continued self-development.

Our Mission Aware Youth believe in free and easiest access to “Information”, as it is not a privilege rather a basic right. It aims to address lack of awareness among youth about new opportunities and youth development today. Thousands of youth remain unaware of golden opportunities and so they miss the chances created for them. That’s why Aware Youth, is on mission to provide easy and instantaneous access to unlimited opportunities to millions of youth for free – regardless of geographical

“Aware Youth” is a digital organization to provide youth career counselling, discover new opportunities and brought youth centric news updates for the world youth, initially launched in Pakistan on a personal initiative of Raza Dotani, (Who is a digital activist belong to South Waziristan tribal district (erstwhile Fata), Pakistan. (his profile).

We publish latest opportunities from across the world for free and provide on time guidance to youth (and students) in order to help them in availing the opportunities and other career-oriented education content.

We discover opportunities – “Scholarships, Fellowships, Internships, Exchange Programs, Workshops, Conferences and a few more sub-categories,” for youth worldwide.

We invite youth to blog with us and make their voice strong. We also publish articles from other organizations/media with proper right of use.

We publish all those news stories which are important and concerned to youth. It contains governments’ announcements, youth policies and motivating updates.

Our objective is to facilitate young people in translating every opportunity into success.
Raza Dotani
Raza Dotani
Founder Aware Youth

As a global digital platform, Aware Youth flourishes on promoting youth, producing and delivering high-quality, value additive educational and capacity building materials. Our role is: “a bridge between youth and their scope to contribute to create a better world.”

Our main objectives and goals:

  • Free and easier access to opportunities worldwide.
  • A connection to local and global young leaders.
  • Free access to educational resources, suggestions and advice & support from experts
  • Free, on time, and quick support to everyone.
  • Trending topics, current affairs updates and blog features for youth.
  • A bridge between the opportunity’s seekers and creators.

Support Us !! Aware Youth is purely a non-profit organization aims to bring youth the power to raise and have access to information worldwide. It has no support and income sources to run, but purely relays on donations. You are not only encouraged but request to support us.